东湖别墅|Civilized dog regulations东湖别墅公共区域及公寓房间内文明养犬行为规范


东湖别墅|Civilized dog regulations东湖别墅公共区域及公寓房间内文明养犬行为规范

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Civilized dog ownership regulations in public areas and rooms in East Lake Villas

1. 公共区域内,犬只应牵引,确保安全,避免对他人造成困扰或伤害。

In public areas, dogs should be leashed to ensure safety and avoid causing inconvenience or harm to others.

2. 不得让犬只在公共区域内随地大小便,应随时携带工具进行清理,并妥善处理。[1]

Dogs are not allowed to defecate or urinate in public areas. Owners should always carry dog waste bags for proper disposal.

3. 犬只在公共区域内必须保持安静,避免过度吠叫或攻击性行为,以维护居民的生活和谐。

Dogs must remain quiet and avoid aggressive behavior in public areas to maintain a harmonious living environment for residents.

4. 若将犬只带入房间内,应确保犬只不会对邻居产生扰扰。[2]

If residents bring their dogs into their rooms, they should ensure that the dogs do not disturb their neighbors.

5. 在房间内养犬时,应妥善清理犬只的食物、水和排泄物,并保持清洁卫生。

When keeping dogs in rooms, owners should properly clean up their food, water, and waste to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

6. 不得让犬只进入禁止进入的区域,如餐厅、游泳池等,以防止犬只对设施或他人造成破坏或伤害。

Dogs are not allowed to enter restricted areas such as restaurant or swimming pools to prevent damage to facilities or harm to others.


Complying with these regulations will ensure that residents of East Lake Villas can enjoy a clean, safe, and harmonious living environment.


East Lake Villas has set up a pet toilet in the northern area, providing convenience for dogs to relieve themselves.

[2]东湖别墅南门外东侧的东荻动物医院(010-8454 3121),提供便捷的宠物寄养服务,持东湖房卡立享9.5折优惠。

Dongdi Animal Hospital (010-8454 3121), located on the east side outside the south gate of East Lake Villas, offers convenient pet boarding services. Holders of East Lake Villas room cards can enjoy a 5% discount.

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